Famous Hats Worn by Famous People

Throughout the beginning of time, people have worn hats. Even the earliest forms of man used some sort of head covering to safeguard themselves from the elements. There are still many people who wear hats for this purpose, but many more do so for fashion or style reasons. Some hats have historically been more popular than others, and many of these popular hats have been worn by prominent people and celebrities, which helped spread their popularity.

Throughout the second half of the eighteenth century, the top hat enjoyed enormous popularity. Abraham Lincoln used to adore this hat, despite the fact that we may mock it today because it is similar to stage or party hats. As the US president, he made this hat popular because he was seldom ever seen without it.

Who could ever forget the bowler? Many Englishmen used to wear it to protect their heads when riding horses, and it was popular among them. The bowler hat originated in England and spread to the States, where the aristocracy wore it exclusively. Up until the outbreak of World War II, the hat’s popularity peaked. Edward Coke was the first to wear a bowler. He was the younger brother of the second Lord of Leicester.

The US military as well as the military from Europe made the Bicorne renowned. The front and rear sections of the brim of this hat were flipped up and pinned together. This gave the hat a form resembling a fan. The one individual who is continuously connected with this sort of hat is Napoleon Bonaparte. He is always shown wearing the Bicorne in all of his works.

Even today, individuals use Panama hats to protect themselves from the sun, but they are actually created in Ecuador, not Panama. Theodore Roosevelt, Prince Charles, and possibly Edward VII were some of the well-known people who were rumored to enjoy wearing this hat.

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