Hats Off To The Hat!

For those of us who live in a chilly nation like Canada, the toque is what binds us all together. We all own at least one, and the majority of us look ridiculous in them, regardless of our social standing, financial situation, or age. Yet, nobody really cares what anyone else looks like when it is 20 below outdoors. The strange-looking object that resides on each of our heads may end up saving lives. Hats have been worn throughout history, and their designs and uses have evolved significantly through time. While hats are practically necessary for survival in the winter in Canada, someone in Australia is currently donning a hat with corks dangling from the brim to ward off mosquitoes during the sweltering summer.

Yet not all hats are taken seriously. We can have a little fun with fashion when the weather doesn’t determine why something is worn. The hat has been interpreted in a wide variety of ways over the years. This is a quick rundown of some of the more intriguing styles, along with information on where they came from:

The Gatsby Hat is also known as the Paperboy Cap. Due to the movie “The Great Gatsby,” this hat gained notoriety at the turn of the century. Once reserved for men, this hat has gained popularity in recent years and is now a fashionable piece of children’s and women’s fashion.

The Australian equivalent of a cowboy hat is the akubra. Akubra once stood for a specific type of hat, but today it is a brand name and as such refers to a wide range of styles. Yet, it has remained true to its outback heritage and still has a “cowboyish” appearance. The name “Akubra” comes from an Aboriginal word that means “head covering.”

Sombrero, a traditional straw hat from Mexico, was occasionally constructed with felt for the more affluent. The large brim and ornate elements of this hat have made it famous. The word “Sombrero” is derived from the word sombre, which is Spanish meaning “shade”. Sombreros were not only popular in Mexico, but also in the West of America and, strangely, as far away as the Philippines.

Trucker hats resemble baseball caps but have woven mesh on the back instead. It was famous for being gathered by truckers at various gas stations and frequently distributed as a freebie. Because celebrities like Ashton Kutcher choose to wear them, an item that should be inexpensive and simple to find has all of a sudden become popular.

Hence, whether we wear our hats for practical reasons or just for fun, do so with proudly. Perhaps the hat that Grandma sewed for us in 1985 will soon be the newest trendy accessory; in fact, I think it already is.


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